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20 თებ 2021


Kladivo na carodejnice / Молот ведьм
  • დრო: 103 წთ. / 01:43
  • რეჟისორი: Отакар Вавра
  • როლებში: Владимир Шмерал, Эло Романчик, Йозеф Кемр, Соня Валентова, Бланка Валеска, Лола Скрбкова, Иржина Штепничкова, Мари Надемлейнска, Мириам Канторкова, Эдуард Цупак
  • გახმოვანება: რუსული [ერთხმიანი]
  • პრემიერა: 23 იანვარი 1970
ფილმის სიუჟეტი
The time is the seventeenth century. The beggar Maryna Schuchová hides the Host in her scarf at the Communion. She admits to the parish priest Schmidt that she intended to give it to the midwife Groerová to heal her ailing cow. The young priest declares her a witch and convinces the Sumperk countess De Galle to summon the inquisitor Boblig from Edelstadt. This failed student of law sees the offer as a great opportunity. He uses torture and threats to force the women from the to testify to their meetings with the devil and learn by heart the lies he has made up for the inquisition tribunal. Boblig accuses the wealthy burghers of witchcraft as well, and so wants to seize their possessions.
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